Information Technology

  • Translation and review of Microsoft articles for developers and administrators
  • Translation of Installation manual for Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security.
  • Subtitling of tutorials on Google development and administration tools
  • Localization of corporate training on Information Security Awareness


  • Educational app
  • Expense workflow app
  • Product descriptions on eBay


Translation of materials for the National Institute of Infectious Diseases at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

  • Investigator’s Brochure on anti-TB drug
  • Documentary on alternative cancer treatment
  • Grant proposal for anti-HIV initiative in Brazil
  • Invitation letter for IAS 2019 (10ª Conference on HIV Science)


  • Series episodes for YouTube Premium
  • Courses (several subjects)
  • Documentary on alternative cancer treatment
  • Google keynote presentations
  • Google training videos, tutorials on development tools and AI