One of the things I like the least is talking about myself. But I have no choice, right? You want to know about me and decide why you should entrust to me the translation of your videos, texts, site or whatever it is you need translating.

Well, translation was not my first career choice.

The first 25 years of my professional life were dedicated to IT.  I worked as a developer, systems analyst, software manager. Inspired by my friends, I wrote a blog about technology for people around my age who don’t quite figure so easily how to navigate the internet, how to behave on social media, in short, how to deal with all the technology that invaded our lives in this century.

My path to translation was completely by chance, or you could say it was fate. Either one is fine by me.

One day, researching for my blog, I stumbled upon Coursera, a MOOC platform. Being an extremely curious person, I was fascinated. Dozens of courses, from the best universities, for free! I could not believe my luck. I took this opportunity to attend several courses outside of my fields of expertise. I learned about Behavior Economics, Gamification, Globalization, Genetics, Psychology, Model Thinking and many other subjects.

When I heard that they were looking for people to translate the classes in other languages I thought it would be a good way to pay back for all the classes I attended for free. I chose Prof. Dan Ariely’s “A Behavior’s Guide to Irrational Behavior” class from Duke University, one of my favorites.

Some time after that, I got an invitation to join a group of international CTAs (Community Teaching Assistant) for the course second edition. Our task was basically monitoring the forum, answering technical questions about the platform, explaining some basic concepts about the course format.

One of my colleagues in this group was a language coordinator for Dutch on TED open translation project. I knew about TED, but I did not know about their translation project. When she heard I had translated some of the classes into Portuguese, she suggested I should translate for TED. Why not, I thought? It was another opportunity to immerse myself in other interesting subjects and help spread the knowledge among Brazilian people.

At the TED translation project,  I was mentored by one of the language coordinators who taught me a great deal about translation, spotting, concision, and everything you must know for delivering great subtitles. In no time I was already reviewing other translators’ work.

That’s when I decided to become a full-time translator. After 25 years of living in the corporate world, translating users’ wishes into software I wanted to do something different. I did not want to get a BA or MA in Translation, so I looked for technical training courses, preferably in-person, at Rio de Janeiro, where I live so I ended taking up Brasillis translator’s course.

This was in 2015. Since then, I participated in a variety of translation projects, some in my original field of expertise (IT) and others in fields and intend to specialize as well. You can check out the most recent ones at my Recent Projects page.

I have also developed some personal projects which you can check out at my Personal Projects page.

If you wish to contact me:


Skype: marisa.averbuch

Whatsapp: 55-21-991625600